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Hospital Gown Buyer's Guide

How do I determine which type of Washable Hospital Gown is right for my situation? 

There are many styles of washable hospital gowns to choose from.  The most common hospital gown sold is a gown with a tie in the back.  The main difference in hospital gowns is the cost, size, closure style, and the material being used. 

  • Cost – Surfing from website to website you will see a wide range of prices for hospital gowns.  Look for wholesale sources that sell their hospital gowns and provide volume discounts.  Buying directly from the importer and not from the middle man will save you money.  Some of our gowns are imported by us.  If you want to buy pallet quantities call the company and see if they will deal on price.  Most should be willing to cut you a deal.
  • Size – The size of a hospital gown is measured in three basic ways.  The length, sweep, and the sleeve.  The length on a gown is measured from the top neck area of the gown to the bottom of the gown.  The sweep is the distance around the bottom portion of the gown.  A larger sweep means the gown will fit a larger person.  The sleeve is measured from the armpit seam to the end of the sleeve.  
  • Material Used
    • Blended Poly/Cotton – A blended hospital gown is the most popular type of material in a gown.  A blended cloth does not shrink as much as a cloth made of all cotton
    • Flannel – 100% cotton material and provides a warm soft feeling.  It will shrink some after being washed.
    • Please Note: The biggest complaint we here about hospital gowns is how thin the material is in a lower cost gown.  Some gowns have material that is thin and you can see through the material.  Our economy gown is thin and a person can see through the gown in the right lighting.
  • Closure Style – VELCRO® Brand or Hook & Loop Closure, Snap, or Tie?
    • VELCRO® Brand or Hook & Loop ClosureThis is the most popular closure style purchased by Chiropractors.  We have been told that many Chiropractors were trained in school using a hook and loop closure gowns.  The gown is easy to open and close.  People with limited mobility in their hands can close the hospital gowns.  Make sure you close the closure (stick it together) when washing.  Why? If you do not close the fasteners it will stick to other cloths and make pulls on the clothing.  After time the closure may not work as well because the ability for VELCRO® Brand / Hook & Loop Closure to close after being laundered hundreds of times diminishes.
    • Snaps – Snap closure hospital gowns require the dexterity necessary to close a snap. As some people age their ability to use their hands diminishes due to arthritis, Parkinson disease, or other mobility limiting diseases.  Snaps will not pull on items being laundered like VELCRO® Brand / Hook & Loop Closure do.  Snaps should last longer then these types of closures.  Some hospitals and doctors prefer snaps.
    • Tie – This closure is simply a gown that has a tie near the neck and near the midsection of the gown.  These are the most popular closure style on hospital gowns.

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