Assisted Living Store - Since 1999 - Adult Bibs, Hospital Gowns, Non Slip Socks, Underpads, Laundry bags, Pillowcases, Sheets, Towels, Medical Gloves and more

Shop online or call us to find out more about our wide selection of products. We specialize in high quality textile products for seniors at the lowest prices possible. We welcome both individual buyers, like those buying singly for the home or personal use, and facilities looking for bulk discounts.

We have been a trusted source over the years for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, senior living residences, and more. Among our best sellers include reusable and washable underpads and adult bibs or clothing protectors.

We also have a wide selection of non slip socks, or gripper socks, socks that have rubber treads on the bottoms to prevent slip and fall. These socks are bought not just by facilities catering to seniors but also by trampoline parks, amusement parks, health clubs, spas, yoga studios and customers using them for specific events (baptismals, weddings, parties) .

Our hospital gown page features the basics for hospital and home use and also designer ladies gowns for those looking for more unique gowns. Looking for bigger sizes? We have larger Bariatric hospital gowns in the 3XL, 5XL and 10XL sizes.