Heavy duty white canvas bag with black bottom

Canvas laundry bags

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Our canvas laundry bags are heavy duty; made of durable canvas material and re-inforced industrial strength stitching. We manufacture two types- with or without a strap, each bag differing in size and colors.

Both of these canvas laundry bags are often purchased by schools for graduation or other recognition events, organizations such as the boy scouts/girl scouts, and promotional event companies. They make great graduation gifts, accomplishment recognitions, and marketing gear. With the intention of marketing an event or company or memorializing an accomplishment, printing on the canvas bag helps to realize these goals. For example, for graduating students, something like Southfield High School Class of 2022 can be printed on the bag or BSA National Jamboree 2021 (Boy Scouts of America) for recognition of attendance. 

Sometimes upscale hotels may provide the bag as a marketing giveaway, each guest being given a bag to take home at time of check-out. It is really a nice look to see the name of the hotel along with the specific city printed in contrasting colors, eg Ritz Carlton Sarasota, FL being printed in black on the white canvas material looked very nice.

The canvas bags are an upgrade to the ubiquitous polyester laundry bag; they are not only nicer looking but the durability of the canvas equates to a much longer usage span than a typical laundry bag.

These qualities, in particular the durability, will sometimes convince facilities such as laundromats and other cleaning facilities to substitute the canvas bag for a cheaper laundry bag. In these cases it is usually a more expensive initial investment but, in the longer term can be a cost savings or a higher source of income when they are being sold.

For over a decade, we have seen customers return again and again, year after year, to purchase and print on our canvas laundry bags.

The canvas laundry bags can be ordered as few or as many as needed, volume discounts apply.

Our strap canvas laundry bags can be found here and our canvas laundry bags without a strap can be found here

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