Care Package for Nursing Homes

Care Package for Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities

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It is nearing that time of year again; the holiday season is upon us. It is during this time that many of us get to spend time with family and friends, but the past few years have been challenging for some of our senior folks. Primarily due to Covid, many residents of assisted living facilities, nursing homes and other care giving institutions, have not been able to see their families as they might do so otherwise.

Even, however, at the worst of the pandemic, we constantly received inquiries on how to send care packages to facilities.

Care packages for nursing homes and assisted living facilities can include fun gifts that provide entertainment such as ear phones and electronic gadgets, books, or artsy and craft projects.

Other care packages include items that seniors can use to stay warm, stay safe, or just wear to feel good about themselves. has been working with our customers for over 20 years supplying care packages to senior living centers and facilities. Every holiday season we receive orders to ship out our non-slip gripper socks (sticker sox) along with blankets, patient gowns and other linens to facilities across the country.

Our Sticker Sox and Care Steps non slip socks are probably the most popular this time of year as gifts in care packages for senior living facilities. Residents in these facilities are often in air conditioning and will feel cold, especially during the winter months. Nobody likes to have cold feet and so a pair of warm socks with rubber grippers on the bottom, such as our Sticker Sox and Care Steps, serve the purpose of keeping feet warm along with keeping residents safe by reducing the potential of slipping and falls. Our sticker sox can be ordered as a single pair, but often are ordered by the case to send to a nursing home or assisted living facility as a nice way to give a care package to the residents staying there.

Extra blankets are also always welcome. Our leno weave 100% thermal blanket makes a great throw blanket, or can be placed over other blankets for another layer of protection from being chilled.

Yet another gift idea we receive a lot of orders for during this time of year are adult bibs. has a wide range of bibs to choose from, plaid, pinks, blues, terry cloth and many more.

Lastly, one of our personal favorites are our hospital gowns. Our most popular gown is for females- our Ladies Designer Hospital Gowns, which are available in 100% soft cotton or a poly cotton blend. These hospital gowns come in a variety of floral and pretty patterns; something different and not so institutional as a normal hospital gown.

Last year, we had a wide range of orders, sometimes just for our sticker sox, sometime just for bibs or just for our hospital gowns, or blankets, even towels and sheets. Some customers would order a mix of products, eg 48 pair of non-slip socks, 20 adult bibs and 10 blankets. The options for choosing and giving are many. wishes you all a happy holiday season, and thanks you for your generosity in providing care packages to so many of our seniors in nursing homes and other facilities. They certainly appreciate it!

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