Detroit Pistons Holiday Bag

by | | 0 comment(s) recently printed a holiday message on our 30”x40” Red Laundry bag for the Detroit Pistons.

The owners of the team, Tom and Holly Gores, purchased our red laundry bags with a carry strap to be used as a “Santa Bag” of sorts.

Below is link to a news video of one of the Gores gift-giving events to children in the city of Flint, Michigan. Really something special!

Detroit Pistons owner donates to over 140 children in Flint

This isn’t the first time we have supplied a sports franchise or team with our laundry bags. In fact, many sports teams purchase bags from Often, teams will ask us to print a logo, team name or other promotional information on our bags; however, sometimes they will just order unprinted bags.

Here is a link to our custom printed laundry bags page

Either way, whether printed or unprinted, sports teams from across the globe order from We have supplied bags to little league teams, high school and college teams and also to professional sports teams. Basketball, football, wrestling, hockey, baseball, lacrosse, soccer, rugby and cycling- we have supplied teams from all of these sports over the years.

So, what are these sports teams doing with the laundry bags they purchase from Below are several examples of usage:

  1. Sorting clothing or equipment per player or per team.
  2. Washing clothing or gear. In this case, our mesh laundry bags are a good option. The ball player can put in his or her socks, shorts/pants, bra or jockstrap, t-shirt and a jersey inside of a mesh laundry bag. The mesh laundry bag has a cloth ID tag on which a player’s name or number, or a locker number can be written on with a sharpie. Then this entire bag, with all the articles of clothing inside of it, can be placed directly in the washing and drying machinery.
  3. Storage purposes. In this case, our mesh laundry bags are often used to store equipment. Items stored can be things such as hockey pucks, baseballs, footballs, basketballs, or equipment specific to a player such as shoes, thigh, knee and shin pads/guards, girdles for hip pads, cup and jockstrap, shoulder pads, helmets and any other piece of equipment. The mesh material allows the equipment to have air flow pass through, helping to prevent buildup of odors, mildew, etc..
  4. Transport- both our mesh and solid polyester bags are used to transport clothing and equipment to stadiums, facilities and, of course, to be laundered.

In addition to the above purposes, a team or organization will also order laundry bags from for promotional or marketing purposes-such as giveaways at a stadium or event. This is where the printed bags are most useful.

Lastly, however, and most relevant to this article, a team will use our laundry bags with the intention of giving back to the community.

This holiday season, is proud to have supplied bags to the Detroit Piston’s basketball team for just such an amazing purpose – the gift of giving.

Thank you to the Gores family and the entire Pistons organization!

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