Mesh Laundry Bags for Sorting Laundry

Mesh Laundry bags- Effective for Keeping Track of Clothing and Linens

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Mesh laundry bags are often used for sorting and keeping track of various articles of clothing, bed linens and other such items during the laundering process. The reason is that the mesh material allows for washing and drying laundry within the bag itself, and with industrial or commercial settings in particular, this method allows clothing and other items to be separated into individual mesh laundry bags all the way from the initial collection of the laundry to the actual washing and drying process. Without this type of system, keeping tracking of which articles of clothing belong to which person can be quite a struggle.

Let’s use an assisted living facility as an example of the challenge. Imagine a setting with a hundred residents all living on several different floors and maybe even within several different buildings. Each day clothing, gowns, linens, etc… are collected from each room and then brought to a centralized laundry area.

This is a lot of laundry to try to keep track of and it becomes nearly impossible to keep clothes separated, ie to not have them get mixed up with the other residents clothing and/or lost during the laundering process.

Mesh laundry bags allow the laundry department to receive the laundry in individual mesh bags with a given room number or name written on an ID tag. From there, the laundry can be both washed and dried in that same bag, and thereby keep them separated throughout the entire process until they are delivered back to the correct person/resident/patient. These are such a useful tool that many skilled nursing centers, assisted living facilities and nursing homes buy mesh laundry bags in bulk.

Assisted Living Store offers mesh laundry bags in bulk, but also allows for orders as small as a single bag. These mesh laundry bags are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes. The various color offering is important for facilities to be able to color code, for example, the first floor of the facility is all orange mesh laundry bags, the second-floor blue, the third floor green, etc…

As implied above, all of the mesh laundry bags from come with a 4.75" x4.75" white ID tag sewn on the front of the bag for easy identification, upon which a permanent marker or sharpie can be used to write a name or room number. In this way, Jane Smith, resident on the west wing, second floor room 5 will have all her clothing washed and dried inside of her mesh laundry bag without any intermixing with other resident’s clothing and then delivered back specifically to her room.

The mesh laundry bags from are rated commercial grade. The durable mesh fabric itself, the stitching and the various closures offered are all suited for industrial purposes.

For more information on closure options, click here. 

One last thought regarding mesh laundry bags. We have discussed above the benefits of using mesh laundry bags for laundry purposes, but many of our customers use them for other purposes also. They make great transport and storage bags for sports equipment, gym balls, decoys, scuba equipment, life jackets, water shoes, and so much more. The breathable polyester mesh allows drying to take place which helps prevent odors and mold when storing wet or damp linens and other items.

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