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The manufacturer of the MedReady Medication Pill Box Reminder.

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MedReady Medication Pill Box Reminder
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    MedReady Medication Pill Box Reminder   The pill tray has 28 compartments that can be filled with medication. Each compartment is 1" x .5' x .75" and can hold pills of different sizes and combinations of sizes. As a guide, each compartment can hold up to 9 M&M sized pills. When the alarm sounds, the tray advances allowing you access to the medication in that compartment.  If you use one daily alarm, the tray is good for 28 days of medication dispensing. When the alarm sounds,...

    Plastic Tray with Cover for MedReady Pill Dispensers
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      Tray and Clear Plastic Cover for MedReady Pill Dispensers Preload medication into the tray and cover with the snap on clear plastic lid. Once you are ready to reload the dispenser, you can simply replace the empty tray with the prefilled tray. Easy and convenient!