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Underpad Laundering Guide -  Correctly washed underpads will have a long and useful life.  Incorrectly washed bed pads can breakdown and the life of the product will be reduced.
Here are a few laundering hints for HOME laundering:
  1. If you use too much bleach it will cause a premature product failure.  The use of oxygenated bleach is recommended

  2. Proper load levels are important - you should wash with 85% capacity in the washer and dryer.

  3. Cool down for approximately 5 minutes after the drying cycle.  Do not leave the underpads in the dryer after the cycle is complete.

  4. The use of fabric softeners can reduce absorbency. 

  5. For all polyester products DO NOT use fabric softener.  It will cause the bed pad to not absorb liquids.

For laundering in COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH  MACHINES here are some standard formulas:



Fahrenheit (Fº)



Flush High Cool 90º 2  
Flush High Warm 110º - 120º 2  
Flush High Hot 130º - 150º 2  
Break Low Hot 150º - 155º 8-12 Alkali or alkali and detergent
Suds Low Hot 155º 6 Detergent
Rinse High Hot 155º 2  
Bleach Low Hot 150º - 155º 8 No more than 1.5 quarts of 1% chlorine bleach per 100 lbs
Rinse High Hot 150º - 155º 2  
Rinse High Warm 130º 2 Use Anti-Chlor.
Rinse High Warm 90º 2  
Sour Low 100º 5 Sour / Softener*
Drying 168º or Less Approximately 30-35 minutes

*For all polyester products DO NOT use fabric softener.

  • Local water conditions can influence the effectiveness of your wash.  Hard water, soft water, etc...

  • Drying times for underpads varies based on the weight of the underpads.  Heavier soaker capacity in the underpads means it will take longer to dry and less will can be washed during a load due to volume.