How to Choose your Trampoline Socks

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Trampoline parks are a lot of fun. But all that bouncing, running and playing can lead to risks of slipping and falling. You can’t wear shoes at a trampoline park because it can damage the trampoline mats and going barefoot is not hygienic. You can’t simply take off your shoes either and leave your regular socks on. That would just enhance the risks of slipping!

So the best option is to wear specially made socks that have rubber grips incorporated into the soles of the fabric.

These socks are sometimes called non-slip socks or gripper socks and are similarly used in other settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, yoga studios and gyms, wherever the wearer needs slip protection on smooth surfaced floors. You may even have seen them at the children’s clothing section where sometimes stores will carry socks with rubber treads for toddlers.

When choosing trampoline socks, the most important things to pay attention to are a comfortable fit and the quality of the treads on the soles. Just like when buying socks, choose a size that fits you well. A too tight and constricting size will impede blood flow, which is not a good idea especially when doing something as active as bouncing on trampolines. Too loose, and the socks will move around and the treads might end up where they’re not supposed to be, on the sides or tops of your feet. The other thing to note is the quality of the rubber treads on the bottom. They need to adhere completely to the fabric of the socks and they need to create friction with the surface so they fulfill their most important purpose: keeping the wearer from slipping.

So make sure you have the right trampoline non slip socks for you to make sure your have a safe and fun time at your local trampoline park.

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